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We are a specialist IT recruitment company, sourcing top candidates to businesses across UK, Europe, United States and APAC countries.

Our mission is to build world-class teams that enable businesses and IT professional to achieve success. Our values are reflected in all aspects of our business, from the relationships we build with our clients and candidates, to the way we operate day-to-day.






Bringing technical knowledge in the sourcing and recruitment process.

Technology plays an important part in all aspects of our lives. The speed with which technology is advancing has called for businesses from all industries to reformulate their strategies. The fast pace of the industry has resulted in a high hiring demand. As technologies are evolving, more complex roles, requiring expert skills are emerging.

At Talent Analytix, we have found that the industry needs more technical knowledge in the sourcing and recruitment area to meet the needs of the businesses turning digital. Our team is formed of HR specialists and IT professionals. By blending together the two, we can aid companies working in the most advanced IT sectors. We specialise in recruiting for middle to senior and most complex roles.

We believe passionately in the value of ethical recruitment.

We continuously grow our international network of IT professionals from all technology areas. We strive to create opportunities for all our candidates according to their level of expertise and career goals. Looking for a new job can be stressful and daunting, but we are here to provide expert support and guidance throughout the whole process.

We bring together high calibre candidates and successful businesses by practising ethic and first-class recruitment. We always deliver on what we promise.

We don’t run our business based on KPIs. We measure our success based on our clients’ and candidates’ satisfaction and percentage of returning clients.

So why do we think we are the best for the job?

We have an internal technical team with broad experience in engineering, software, digital transformation, cloud, traditional infrastructure and Big Data that work as our recruiters and with our resources on any one of your roles.

Regardless of whether you are an IT, HR or Talent Acquisition professional, we understand the complexity of your needs and we’re here to minimise your pain points and help you achieve your goals swiftly.

We do, indeed, have a proven track record of succeeding where most others have failed!

Don’t take our word on it. Put us to the test!

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What our clients say?


Leena expertly filled the role of recruitment partner for my company’s architecture and devops recruitment drive. I had the pleasure of working with Leena for the last three years at the Startsmart consulting , collaborating on several project teams. She managed to get the right mix of BAME and D&I consultants on our books, appreciate all you've done for us Leena!


I found the whole recruitment process and experience with Priti to be filled with amazing resolve, knowledge, ethics, and commitment. If you’re looking for a truly dedicated and professional recruiter who understands and values the candidate, the recruitment profession, and the needs of the customers she represents, then you certainly should reach out to her.


The engagement was superb and unmatched. The Talent Analytix team drove the process with a perfect balance; without being intrusive and with a sensitivity to the time and needs of all the stakeholders involved in the recruitment process. With Talent Analytix we managed to identify a successful candidate within 2 weeks, and she started work within 2 days of meeting our approval!