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At Talent Analytix, we believe that our values, culture and social efforts should be demonstrated throughout all our internal and external corporate processes.

Our goal is to run an authentic programme, that truly represents our company’s and our employees’ true values and beliefs. Technology has become such a big influencer in our lives, and has had an immense positive impact, from the world of medicine, to communications, to finance, it is now present in almost all aspects of our life. As the IT industry is evolving and growing at a such a rapid pace, there is a continuous need of IT talents, but unfortunately, access to technology and getting educated in IT is not available or easily accessible for everyone. Thus, we dedicate a large part of our efforts in supporting young people that have an interest in technology, take this career path. Moreover, although there are so many efforts into overcoming the gender inequality in the IT industry, we can still notice a wide gender gap. We actively search for partnerships with organisations that support women in STEM or enable young women to learn coding. We believe that women that have a passion for technology are equally smart, talented and capable as the men in this industry, and we all can only benefit from a more diverse, realistic represented industry.

As our work environment is so diverse, we acknowledge the fact that our employees relate to different causes, and we also believe that doing things out of passion is the key to success, therefore, we enable them to support their chosen charities through collective events and individual charity days.

This year we have taken a step forward in committing to delivering a sustainable responsible business programme by joining the Heart of the City, with the purpose of staying informed and  gaining new tools to make the most positive impact on our community and environment.

Talent Analytix - Impact Programme

Success Stories

Leena expertly filled the role of recruitment partner for my company’s architecture and devops recruitment drive. I had the pleasure of working with Leena for the last three years at the Startsmart consulting , collaborating on several project teams. She managed to get the right mix of BAME and D&I consultants on our books, appreciate all you've done for us Leena!

Jerome W.

Head of Cloud Transformation

I found the whole recruitment process and experience with Priti to be filled with amazing resolve, knowledge, ethics, and commitment. If you’re looking for a truly dedicated and professional recruiter who understands and values the candidate, the recruitment profession, and the needs of the customers she represents, then you certainly should reach out to her.

Ben G.

Cloud Sales Engineer

The engagement was superb and unmatched. The Talent Analytix team drove the process with a perfect balance; without being intrusive and with a sensitivity to the time and needs of all the stakeholders involved in the recruitment process. With Talent Analytix we managed to identify a successful candidate within 2 weeks, and she started work within 2 days of meeting our approval!

Group IT Project Manager

Sales, Marketing, Legal